What is your favorite color and how does it make you feel? Did you know that there is a whole sub-section of  psychology dedicated to the study of color and how it affects our mood.? When decorating your home it is important that your living space is reflective of what you would like to manifest. Read on for some easy suggestions for how you can tailor your home environment to inspire you on the daily.



The color of balance and harmony, biologically, as animals we are calmed by the sight of green. Representing vegetation and plant life, green indicates the presence of water, and in turn little risk of famine.

Green rests in the center of the color spectrum and therefore requires little adjustment from our eyes, this makes it the perfect color for your hallway.

SUGGESTION: Sherwin Williams, Sea Salt



The color blue frequently comes out as the worlds favorite color in studies. Used for millenia to represent wisdom and integrity, blue has a soothing effect which encourages concentration and calmness of mind.

Keep your home modern and encourage clarity by using deep blue in your office space.

SUGGESTION: Annie Sloan, Napoleonic Blue



Nothing says clean and bright quite like the color white. Long held as the color that represents purity and good intentions, white is probably the least offensive color on the whole of the spectrum.

Using white cabinetry in a kitchen is a gorgeous way to create a space that invites you to whip up gourmet meals.

SUGGESTION: Benjamin Moore , White Opulence



The ‘IT’ color of the last few years, grey has gone from drab and overlooked to the must have hue of the modern home. Promoting psychological neutrality and feelings of hibernation, grey is the perfect tone to create a stylish and calming bedroom setting.

SUGGESTION: Benjamin Moore, Rockport Gray



The ultimate color to represent femininity and fertility, pink is a wonderfully calming color which emanates love and warmth.

Physically soothing, pink is the perfect color to create a comforting and supportive living room space.

SUGGESTION: Annie Sloan, Antoinette


Have a colorful Friday! – AK


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