According to a new study by Zumper Orlando was ranked as the 29th most expensive place to rent a 1 bedroom studio apartment – in the country. Reporting an astronomical 15.5% rise in the median rental cost to $1270 per month, from this time last year, and a 4.1% increase from May alone.

As the rental rates increase, so do the opportunities to make money, with Orlando apartment complexes making an attraction proposition to real estate investors. Couple the increasing rental prices with the recent federal tax reform bill, in which some landlords can deduct 20% from the income generated from their rental property, it’s a great time to be a landlord in Central Florida!

If you’re looking at purchasing an investment property in Orlando, Florida or the surrounding Orange County area, let us know! We can help you make an informed decision to help maximize your ROI. Alternatively if renting is preferential to you, we can help you negotiate an affordable rent in this market, whilst giving you the knowledge and tools to enable you to own your own home – sooner than you might think.

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