Is there another home as warm and cozy as Lorelai’s in the Warner Brothers series ‘The Gilmore Girls’? Boasting a whopping 7 series, 153 episodes AND a four part reboot, Stars Hollow is a quaint little town that fans just couldn’t get enough of.

Quietly tucked away at the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, ‘Stars Hollow’ is full of quirky characters and dreamy real estate. Inspired by a two week vacation in Litchfield County, Connecticut, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino was staying at the Grace Mayflower Inn and fell in love.

Grace Mayflower Inn – Inspiration for the ‘Dragonfly Inn’


“I went on vacation to Connecticut. I stayed at an inn, and it was very charming, in a tiny town, and everybody seemed to know each other. It seemed like a fun environment to write characters in.” – Amy Sherman-Palladino

An extension of the characters, the real estate in which their stories play out is as central to the show as the relationships that flourish there.

Lets start with the most iconic home, that of Lorelai & Rory Gilmore. A two bedroom, 2 bathroom house with Southern charm, this traditional house is idyllic. One of the most enchanting features is the large wrap around porch, which was the focal point of many of the characters interactions.

Taking into account the awesome renovations Luke made when he moved in, Trulia  estimates that if the property were real it would be valued at $445,000!

If you’re looking for your own slice of Gilmore heaven check out this gorgeous house currently for sale in Washington, CT. Offered at $849,000 this beautiful property has four bedrooms and three bathrooms with just under 4000sqft of living space.

49 Christian St

30 minutes away from Stars Hollow, and in stark contrast to the warmth and comfort of Lorelei and Rory’s home, is the home of Emily & Richard, Lorelei’s parents. The Gilmore house is a large mansion in Hartford, Connecticut, and unlike the other homes from the series, this one is real. A beautiful 1924 French Provincial Revival-style manse located in Pasadena was used for interior shots of the Gilmore house during the pilot. With an impressive 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and over 8000sqft of living space, it is easy to see why this property would be the inspiration for the portrayal of Lorelai’s wealthy childhood home.

Always wanted your own Gilmore Mansion? Well you’re in luck, as we have found you this gorgeous home in Highland Park, TX, which is a steal at $4,675,000.

3637 Maplewood Ave

Join us next week on our TV Real Estate tour as we visit Westbridge, Massachusetts and Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

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