The real estate landscape continues to change year on year, and with the advancement of internet sites such as Realtor.com it has never been more important to have great pictures of your property for the MLS and other internet based home selling sites.

Here are five reasons why good photos make your home stand out –

The rise of internet shopping

Savvy home buyers no longer wait to get to their potential new home and tour it in person, they find it online first! Many people discount homes in the first instance if the pictures don’t make the right first impression. To ensure your home makes it to the ‘in person’ viewing stage, its important to ensure that you or your agent utilizes a talented photographer.

Make a fab first impression 

The quality of real estate photographs vary wildly from home to home, but make no mistake that the none professional ones fare the worst. We’ve all seen the MLS photographs with the agent and their camera phone in the mirror and  the toilet seat up, but what about the quality of the images too? Even the most beautiful home can appear dark and less appealing without great lighting and a skilled eye. This is where the professionals come in to play.

The ‘twilight’ phenomenon

No, not the sparkly skinned teenage vampire variety – the ‘showcase your home’ during dusk variety. Twilight has now become the go-to marketing method for luxury homes. Presenting the home in all of its evening glory is a very clever way of generating interest in the property, and ensuring it stands out among the masses of day time photographs. It would be a shame for the buying population not to see your carefully curated Art De Mexico outside lighting. Go on, share the ambiance!

The competition is fierce 

If your property is being represented by a few pictures taken on yours or your agents camera phone, will it realistically stand out against a similar property with professional shots? To give your property the best chance at selling in a competitive market, it is imperative that you get buyer traffic. The best way to entice buyers is to have your property looking its best in all marketing material.

Let the professionals take care of it

Professional photographers are highly skilled artists. They are passionate about their craft and know what works. Real estate photographers have an understanding of the medium and also of the market. They know which features of a home to showcase and which aspects will generate the most interest, thus saving you time, stress and most likely getting you the best price for your property!

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